Definition – Viscosity is a measure of resistance of a fluid to flow when a force is applied to it

  • Water at room temperature has a viscosity of 1 cP
    Liquids with the viscosity less than water are known as mobile liquids
  • Fluids with a viscosity significantly higher than water are termed as viscous fluids
  • As the viscosity of the material increases, the energy required for mixing increases
  • Mixing of high viscosity materials poses several challenges with respect to equipment design and manufacturing

Units - Absolute Viscosity is measured in N s/m2, Pa s, kg/m s, centipoise (cP)

1 Pa s = 1 N s/m2= 1 kg/m s = 1000 cP

Related terms – Absolute viscosity, Dynamic viscosity, Centipoise,  Apparent viscosity, Kinematic Viscosity

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