This article of details the design, construction and operation of V-Blender commonly used for mixing of free flowing powder materials. The industrial applications  for which V-Blender is used are listed.

Media : Free flowing powders, granules

Mode of Operation : Batch Mixing

Design and Operation

Mixing Vessel - V shaped mixing vessel mounted on trunions that allow the blender to tumble end over end. The mixing vessel is built using two hollow cylindrical shells that are joined at an angle of 75° to 90°.

Mixer Drive System - The v-blender is powered by a drive system comprising of a motor, gearbox, couplings and/or chain-chain wheel

Material Charging and Discharging - Material is loaded in the blender through the mouth of the cylindrical portion of vessel or through the apex port. Discharge of material is normally through a discharge valve provided at the apex port.

Video – V-Blender-Design and Operation

Mixing Principle

The rotation of the mixing vessel results in a random free-fall of material. The material continuously splits and recombines. The repetitive converging and diverging motion of material combined with the frictional contact between the material and the vessel internal walls results in gentle yet homogenous blending.

Mixing Mechanism :Diffusion blending

Homogeneity of Mix:  <= 98%

Capacity : < 2 m3

Optional Features: High-speed intensifier bars (or lump breakers) running through trunions into the vessel, along with spray pipes for liquid addition may be provided. Intensifier bars are used for disintegration of agglomerates in the charge material or those formed during wet mixing.


  • Easy loading and unloading of material.
  • Minimal attrition, particle size reduction due to the absence of any moving blades.
  • Almost 100% discharge of product material.
  • No product contamination due to absence of shaft projection.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Require high headroom for installation and operation.

Industry Applications

V-Blenders are preferred when precise blend formulations are required. This type of blender is used for the dry blending of free flowing solids

Animal feeds Baby foods Ceramics Powders
Coffee Cosmetics Dry flavors
Fertilizers Food products Herbicides
Milk powder Pesticides Pharmaceuticals
Pigments Plastic granules, powders Polyethylene
Spice blends    

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