How are gears classified? What are the different types of gears ?

How are gears classified? What are the different types of gears ?

There are several types of gears. The classification of gears depends on how they are used. (e.g. – when spiral gears are used to connect two parallel shafts, they are termed as “helical gears” and when they are used to connect non-parallel shafts, they are called “spiral gears”.) The classification may be according to the relative position of gear axes.  The axes of the connecting gears may be parallel, intersecting and skew (neither parallel nor intersecting).

The following are the different types of gears:

(a)     External spur gears

(b)     Spur rack

(c)     External helical gears

(d)     Helical rack

(e)     Internal gears

(f)      Straight bevel gears

(g)     Zerol bevel gears

(h)     Spiral bevel gears

(i)      Hypoid gears

(j)      Face gears

(k)    Crossed – helical gears

(l)     Single – enveloping worm gears

(m)   Double – enveloping worm gears

The selection of gears for mixers, depends on their function in the equipment. Gears could be used for critical functions such as maintaining the mixer agitator speed.   Gears could also be used for functions such as tilting the mixer container. External helical gears are used in double arm mixers for maintaining the speed ratios between the front and rear blade, where are spiral bevel gears are used for facilitating the tilting motion of the container.

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