Specifications – Double Planetary Mixer

Specifications – Double Planetary Mixer

Double Planetary Mixer Specification

Gross Volume Specified in cubic meters or liters
Working Volume Specified in cubic meters or liters
Container Internal Dimensions As per manufacturer’s catalog
Container Shape Cylindrical with Flat Bottom Dish having knuckle radius
Material of Construction(Options) Product Contact, Non Contact Parts :

  • Carbon Steel Confirming to ASTM A 36 /  Equivalent
  • ASTM SA 240 Gr. 304/ Gr. 316 / Special Alloy Material
  • Wear Resistant Liners can be provided for abrasive material
Jacket for Heat Transfer (Optional)
  • Made from Carbon Steel Confirming to ASTM A 36 / Equivalent; ASTM SA 240, Gr. 304.
  • Standard Design Pressure:  As per process requirements
Container Cover
  • Cylindrical cover with Nozzles as requires. Clamped to Container.
Stand Material of Construction – Structural Steel / Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel. Suitable to withstand dynamic  load of mixer
Surface Finish
  • Internal Stainless Steel Surfaces to the required Ra value
  • External Stainless Steel Surfaces are matt polished / glass bead blasted
  • Mild Steel Surfaces: Epoxy Painted  / Synthetic Enamel Painted
Mixing Blades(Options) Profile :

  • Rectangular Blades
  • Helical Blades

Material of Construction :

  • Cast steel confirming to ASTM A216 Gr. WCB
  • Cast Stainless Steel confirming to ASTM SA 351

CF 8 / CF 8M / CF 3 / CF 3M

  • Special Alloy Material
Blade Motion  Planetary Motion. Blades rotate about the centre line of the container and also revolve about their own axis.
Drive Standard

  • 3 Phase, Non Flame Proof , Induction Motor, 415 V, 50 Hz (Voltage and frequency as per country)
  • Gearbox – Worm Reduction / Helical Reduction
  • Suitable Couplings
  • Constant Speed Operation



  • Geared Motor
  • Variable Speed Operation using Variable Frequency Drive
Charging Through top of the container
Discharging Through top of the container by scooping / through bottom valve using hydraulic discharge device
Lifting and Lowering of the container Through a hydraulic cylinder using manually operated hydraulic pump / hydraulic power pack.
Electricals Electrical control panel provided with suitable Control Devices, Indicators, Switch Gears, Overload Protection, Safety Interlocks.
Overall Dimension As per manufacturer’s catalog
Optional Features GMP Equipment, Vacuum Operation, etc.

Note: Specifications are for reference only.  Kindly refer the equipment manufacturer’s specifications for more details. 

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