Solid Blending Mechanisms

Solid Blending Mechanisms

Solid Blending Mechanisms

  • The three primary solid blending mechanisms are as under: 

    • Diffusion blending
    • Convection blending
    • Shear blending
  • Diffusion blending is characterized by small scale random motion of solid particles. Tumbler blenders such as the double cone blenders, v-blender, octagonal blender, tumble-in blender, cubical blender function by diffusion mixing.
  • Convection blending is characterized by large scale random motion of solid particles. Convective blenders such as paddle blenders, vertical ribbon blender, horizontal ribbon blenders function by convection blending.
  • Shear blending is effective at producing localized, small-scale uniformity. Shear blending is effected by providing high speed chopper blades, intensifier bars in convection and tumbling blenders.
  • The flow properties of the powder and the choice of blender determine the dominant blending mechanism. 

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