Selection of Fluid Mixers

Selection of Fluid Mixers

When selecting fluid mixers, what are some key considerations an end-user should make to ensure success?

The success of mixing equipment largely depends on the equipment manufacturers’ understanding of the end user’s requirement. It is therefore essential that the end user should clearly define the process materials, conditions and special requirements to the mixer manufacturer. These include the following:

(a)    The properties of fluid, materials being mixed, process parameters, operating conditions, required objective of mixing.

(b)    The desired capacity, productivity levels from the mixer per batch, per week, per month. It is important to state if the mixer would be in operation on a single shift basis or all throughout out the day. This information is required while carrying out the process design as well as the mechanical design of the mixer.

(c)    The pre-processing equipment, from which material is transferred to the mixer. The post processing equipment to which material is transferred after the mixing. The plant and equipment layout for the mixer, and the related equipment. This shall help in better understanding of the process and operational requirements.

(d)    In case the same equipment is likely to be used for multiple products, processes and applications, then all of these should be brought to the attention of the mixer manufacturer. The design of the mixer would have to be carried out taking accordingly.

(e)    Special requirements such as need for cleaning the mixer after every batch,  surface finish requirements for wetted parts of mixer, requirement for heating or cooling the mixer contents, operation of mixer under vacuum and pressure conditions, preferred sealing materials and sealing technology for mixer, equipment maintenance related requirements  and so on should be clearly specified.

(f)      If the end user has a previous experience of a similar or identical process, it is imperative that the relevant information is provided, along with the areas that may require improvement.

The end user needs to ensure that the equipment manufacturer has understood his requirements and is equipped with the technology and resources to deliver the desired performance.

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