Selection of Solid Blending Equipment

Selection of Solid Blending Equipment

 Selection of Solid Blending Equipment

Presented by Jayesh R Tekchandaney - Unique  Mixers & Furnaces Pvt Ltd


Powder and Bulk Solids India 2013 Exhibition & Conference

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Factors Influencing Selection of Solid Blenders – Details covered are:

  • Material Characteristics
  • Process set-up, requirements
    1. Need for gentle blending
    2. Cleaning between batches
    3. Blending accuracy, Blending time
    4. Requirement for complete product discharge
    5. Product contamination risk
    6. Flexibility of batch volume
  • Capital costs, Operating costs
  • Plant layout considerations
Selection of Solid Blending Equipment - Powder and Bulk Solids
Comparison of Common Batch Blenders
Selection of solid blending equipment - Powder
Comparsion of  Common Batch Blenders
Selection of Blending Equipment - Bulk solids
Blender Selection
Selection of Blending Equipments
Type of Mixer,Blender