Process Plant Equipment – Mixers

Process Plant Equipment – Mixers

Process Plant Equipment: Operation, Control, and Reliability

Chapter 12: Mixers

By Jayesh Ramesh Tekchandaney

This chapter includes a broad range of topics related to industrial mixing technology and equipment. The text provides practical knowledge and understanding on selection, design and operation of industrial mixing equipment used for liquids, solids and viscous materials. The chapter consists of five sections.

Section 12.1 – Mixing Concepts: Theory and Practice

Section 12. 2 – Fluid Mixing

Section 12.3 – Solid Blending

Section 12.4 – Mixing High Viscosity Materials and Pastes

Section 12.5 – Mechanical Components in Mixing Equipment

An additional section on “Advances in Mixing Technology” is included in the appendix of the book. This book can be purchased from

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