Practical Course Section – Mixing

Practical Course Section – Mixing

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What is Mixing?

  • The main function is a process of thoroughly combining different materials to produce a homogenous mix.
  • The reason why it is so important is because in any industry it is extremely important to get the right formulation in the entire process, if failure to have the right results, the effect will be very disastrous. Eg – In Pharmaceutical company, its critical to have the right formulation of mix of the chemical products and drugs. Another example where mixing of materials plays a critical part is the construction business where mixing of  sand and cement should be right proportions.
  • So  in any application it is a very critical process.
  • Quality of the final product, attributes  depend on the mixing performance because the mechanical properties, chemical properties, certain cases the texture, in food product the flavour, compositions, all this defines the quality of the mix, if the proportions of the mix is not  correct then it will prove to be expensive as the required result will get rejected for not achieving the desired mix.

Poor Mixing

  • A product which is poorly mixes is known as Non homogenous mix. Non homogenous product lacking consistency in chemical composition, color, flavor, reactivity. There is also a difference in the level of homogenity in solid mixing and liquid mixing.
  • Non homogenity will lead to a lot of failed batches
  • Loss of high value product
  • Cost of poor mixing estimated as US$ 100 million per year

Reasons for Poor Mixing

  • Lack of understanding of material characteristics
  • Inadequate, inaccurate definition of mixing objectives
  • Incorrect selection of mixer
  • Wrong scale-up techniques
  • Limited knowledge on mixing equipment design, parameters
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