Plow Mixer Operation

Plow Mixer Operation

How does a plow mixer operate ?

Plow mixer is so called because of their plow shaped mixing elements, mounted on a horizontal rotating shaft.

Plow mixers (plough share mixers) work on the principle of a mechanically generated fluid bed resulting in three dimensional movement of the product material. The fluidized bed effect is created due to plow design configuration and the rotational speed. The mixer plows lift and separate the product material within the vessel. Mixing up to 98% homogeneity can be achieved in less than 5 minutes. Depending on the size of mixer, one or more high-speed chopper assembly may be provided as a mixer accessory to disintegrate agglomerates and control granulation during mixing. Plow mixers are best suited for mixing of bulk solids, powders with liquids, pastes and putties.

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