National Rubber Conference 2013

National Rubber Conference 2013

All India Rubber Industries Association


Technology and Innovation – The driver of future growth


Venue: The Lalit, Mumbai, International  Airport Road, Andheri (East),

Mumbai – 400099

Dates / Schedule of sessions: 22nd & 23rd August,2013

Participated as a “Speaker” on topic of  Mixing of High Viscosity Materials.

Mixing of High Viscosity Materials

Materials such as rubber, polymer and putties have viscosity exceeding 10 Pa-s. These materials are classified as high viscosity materials, and exhibit characteristic such as resistance to flow, elasticity and non-Newtonian behaviour. Unlike in the case of liquid mixing, flow currents do not get formed during mixing of viscous materials. Mixing is therefore achieved by mechanical action, shear force or elongation of matrix facilitated by the mixing equipment. Mixing of viscous material necessitates dispersive mixing, distributive mixing and convective mixing mechanisms to occur in a system. Design and selection of mixing equipment for high viscosity applications, poses several challenges such as low flowability of material, poor heat transfer, scale up difficulties, high power and torque requirements. Mixers for high viscosity applications are built to overcome these challenges and therefore have some common characteristics. There are several different types of high viscosity mixers that are available for batch and/ or continuous operations. The challenges associated with mixing of high viscosity materials underscores the importance of selection and design of mixing equipment best suited for any given application.

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