Good Mixing

Good Mixing

What are the high-level best practices  you typically propose and adopt?

At Mixing Expert, we lay emphasis on understanding the process objectives and the special requirements of the customers.

Once the process needs are known, we draw up the mixer specifications based on the inputs received from the customer and our special knowledge of mixing equipment, systems. The specifications provide details on equipment geometry, impeller type, power transmission system for the agitator, internal surface finish requirement of the mixer, material charging and discharge systems, electrical operations, instrumentation and so on. The specifications are reviewed along with the end user and fine tuned to achieve the desired objectives.

The equipment design is thus derived based on process objectives and is backed by sound mechanical design.

For new applications, we offer technology support through our laboratory and pilot scale testing facilities, which is equipped with prototypes of mixing equipment. These trials enable us to better understand the process and recommend a customized solution to the end user requirements.

The focus on continual development is driven by the end users increasing demand to maximize productivity and performance from the process equipment. Sound engineering is backed up by the good manufacturing practices and guidance during equipment installation and commissioning.

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