Mixer Coupling

Mixer Coupling

Mixer Coupling

What are the types of couplings used in mixing equipment?

A mixer coupling is a mechanical device used for connecting two shafts for the purpose of transmitting power. In mixing equipment, a coupling is generally used to connect the motor shaft to the input shaft of gear reducer (high speed operation), and to connect the output shaft of the gear reducer to the mixer shaft (low speed operation). Couplings could be either rigid or flexible.

Rigid couplings such as muff couplings, clamp couplings or flange couplings are used when alignment of shafts is to be carried out with precision.

Flexible couplings are designed to transmit torque while allowing some radial, axial, and angular misalignment. The commonly used flexible couplings are: flexible chain coupling, gear coupling, jaw coupling, tire coupling, pin-bush coupling, and hydraulic couplings.

The selection of coupling depends on several factors such the power to transmitted, rotational speed, position of installation of coupling, type of mixer, characteristics of material being mixed, ease of installation and maintenance.

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