What is a masterbatch mixing ?

Master batch is a polymer material which when mixed with a substance (generally plastic) in small quantity imparts color to the product. In addition it may also impart antibacterial, anti-static, anti-oxidation, flame retarding, heat resistant properties. Color masterbatch is a mix of pigment or dye, vector (matrix of the masterbatch), dispersant, and special additives for imparting the desired properties. Masterbatches are classified by the type of vector or by the end category use.

Masterbatches are used for cosmetics, household appliances, automobile components, toys, electrical appliances, industrial pipes, industrial containers, packaging bags, etc.

How to mix a color masterbatch ?

The video shows the mixing of red oxide pigment with the vector and additives. The mixer is designed to handle high viscosity materials. As masterbatches can be of different colors, the mixer should have a provision for easy cleaning to eliminate the possibility of contamination.

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