Introduction Session – Practical course on Industrial mixing

Introduction Session – Practical course on Industrial mixing

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Importance of Mixing

By definition, “Mixing is the process of thoroughly combining different materials to produce a homogenous product”. Mixing is at the heart of most production systems in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry and other allied industries.

Today’s competitive production systems necessitate robust equipment that are capable of faster blend times, lower power consumption and adaptability of equipment for use with multiple products.

The Solution Most mixing problems occur due to reasons such as incorrect selection of mixing equipment, wrong scale-up techniques, lack of understanding of the raw material characteristics, inaccurate or inadequate definition of mixing objectives, limited knowledge of the mixer performance parameters and bad mixer design. And though to some extent mixing can be regarded as art, much of today’s knowledge is backed by science and engineering and can be easily learned.

Course Outline:

  • Module 1 -Introduction to Mixing
  • Module 2 – Fluid Mixing
  • Module 3 – Solid Blending
  • Module 4 - Mixing Of High Viscosity  Materials And Pastes
  • Module 5 – Mechanical Components in Mixing Equipment
  • Module 6 – Mixer Installation, Start Up and Maintenance
  • Module 7 – Advances in Mixing Technology
  • Workshop – Solve any mixing problem
  • Summary and review
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Participants’ Profile R &D Scientists , Process Design Engineers & Managers, Project Engineers & Managers, Production Engineers & Managers, Plant Maintenance Engineers, Engineering Consultants, Chemical Engineering Professionals, Chemical Engineering, Professors & Students

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