Gear Reducers

Gear Reducers

What are the factors to be considered for selection of gear reducers, geared motors for mixing equipment?

As one of the preferred suppliers in drive systems to the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, NORD drive systems would like to enlist few points which play a vital role in performance of drive systems used in mixing applications.

Selection of connected motor power and required agitator speed: Connected motor power selected by equipment manufacturer should be based on the power required for mixing and should also account for the drive system losses.  Motor horsepower should be selected in such a way that the changes in product characteristic during the mixing cycle are considered. Likewise, agitator speed should be selected based on process objectives and mixer design guidelines

ambient conditions, output shaft speed and special requirements, high temperature seals can be used.

Bearing systems:

i- DG: Deep groove ball bearings are used to support the output shaft depending on the loadings and agitator shaft support arrangements.

ii- VL:  Taper roller bearings are used to support output shaft for higher thrust load carrying capacity.

iii-VLII: Spherical roller bearings in special integrated bearing housings are used to support output shaft for higher thrust & r

Service factor: The service factor is to be selected based on application requirement. This will depend on the mixing media, mixing cycles per day, cycle duration, operating hours, axial and radial forces, unbalanced forces.

Bearing life:  The gearbox is selected depending on the mixer application and the expected equipment life. NORD checks service life of input, output and intermediate shaft bearings as well as mechanical strength of the shaft.  The calculations are performed with selected connected power or absorbed power, along with combined loads on gearbox output shaft. This makes selection full proof against any type of failure.

Sealing System: NORD uses ‘QUADRALEAP’ seal system which makes the gearbox virtually leak proof in any mounting position. Depending on the

adial load carrying capacity.

iv-VLIII: Spherical roller bearings in special integrated bearing housings (drywell design) are used to support output shaft for higher thrust and radial load carrying capacity along with leakage indicators.

Gearbox lubrication: The type of lubricant to be used depends upon ambient conditions, output speed of the gearbox, absorbed power and the desired oil change interval.

Type of gearbox, Gearbox mounting position: These are decided by the mixer configuration, type of mixing equipment and operational clearances available around the mixer.

Agitator shaft mounting options: This is decided by the mixer manufacturer depending on the mixer configuration, type of mixing equipment

Painting options: Depending upon climatic conditions and usage (Outdoor or Indoor) painting specification is decided.

Motor selection: While selecting a motor, following points are considered.

i-   Absorbed power (kilowatts / horsepower)

ii-  Variable speed or constant speed ( VVF Operation/ Speeds below 50% of rated geared motor o/p speed)

iii- Application area (Indoor/ Outdoor)

iv- Atmospheric conditions ( Flameproof or Non-Flameproof)

v- Indicators.

 Special requirements: Special seals, hollow or solid output shafts, cooling systems can be provided by NORD drive systems.

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