Developments in Fluid Mixing Technology

Developments in Fluid Mixing Technology

Developments in Fluid Mixing Technology

How has fluid mixing technology evolved over the past decade? How is the fluid mixing technology of today more effective/efficient than the technology of previous generations?

The end user’s understanding of fluid mixing technology has improved over the past decade. The highly competitive industrial environment requires that mixing equipment manufacturers constantly improve and provide customized solutions which are productive, efficient and economical. Equipment manufactures, industry are constantly in search of newer technologies and are investing in product research and development. The following are some of the significant improvements in the field of fluid mixing technology and equipment.

(a)    New and improved impellers designs customized for specific processes and applications.

(b)    Impeller designs that maximize mixing performance at lower power consumption.

(c)    A more systematic and guided approach towards mixing studies, through applications of tools as Computational Fluid Mixing (CFM), Digital Particle Image Velocimetry (DPIV), Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA), Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF).  This has resulted in manufactures being able to respond faster to the customer needs, problems and avoid time-consuming trial-and-error physical testing.

(d)    Improvements in design, construction of power transmission system, drive system for the mixing equipment. Use of energy efficient electrical motors, efficient speed reducers (gearbox), electronic variable speed devices for optimizing agitator speeds based on process operation, mixer sealing designs and materials.

(e)    The use of  flush bottom product discharge valves, which ensure that there are no dead pockets / unmixed zones, within the mixing vessels, improved polishing standards for mixing vessels and agitators, improvements in instrumentation and process control, and so on.

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