Clearance Between Sigma Blades and Container

Why are low clearances maintained between the sigma blades and the container?

For good mixing, kneading action in Sigma Mixers, it is recommended that the Clearance Between Sigma Blades and Container to be minimum. In practice this clearance is maintained generally between 1 to 3 mm. Depending on size of mixer and use of machined, non machined container internal, high clearance is maintained only for specialized applications where frictional heat generated can cause damage to the product material, lead to process hazard such as producing spark in case of explosive material. The gap is necessitated to ensure smooth rotation of Blades even when Deflected by Heavy Product Mass (permissible deflection being 1 mm in 1000 mm of length). Increasing the clearance will have effect on the quality of mixing, increase in the mixing time. In some application high clearance will lead to deposit of process material inside the container, causing insulation effect resulting in to drop in heat transfer.

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