Batch Mixing

Batch Mixing

  • In batch mixing, all ingredients are loaded into the mixer in a pre-defined sequence
  • The mixer is then operated until a homogenous material is produced
  • The mixed material is discharged from the mixer in a single lot
  • The output of a batch mixing is measured in ‘kg per batch’
  • Batch mixing is preferred when:
    •     Production quantities are low
    •     Precise control of mix composition is necessary
    •     More than one formulation is produced on a production line
    •     Ingredient properties change over time and need to be adjusted or compensated on a batch-by-batch basis
    •     A batch is to be identified at any time in the future, example – pharmaceutical , food products
  •  The advantages of the batch mixing operation are as follows:
    •     Lower installation, operation and maintenance costs
    •     Flexibility of production process
    •     Accurate control of mixing time
    •     Minor ingredients can be premixed
    •     Easy to clean
  •     The disadvantages of batch mixing are as follows:
    •  Batch mixing is uneconomical for large quantities

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