• Agglomeration is the process of combing of finely dispersed particles into larger particles.
  • Agglomeration is caused by a rearrangement of surface forces resulting from a change of environment.
  • Agglomerates in the powder raw material, or those formed during the mixing process, are undesirable as they can lead to non-homogenous mixing of materials.
  • For powders and bulk solids, agglomeration may be undesirable as it can lead to bridging, caking, or lumping.
  • Agglomeration, using a controlled enlargement of particles can help improve powder properties and obtain high-quality products.
  • Agglomeration is the opposite of comminution.

Mixing Expert Tips

  • Agglomerates in the raw material, or those formed during mixing can be disintegrated using high speed choppers or high speed intensifier bars.

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