Mixing of Abrasive Materials

Mixing of Abrasive Materials

Mixing of Abrasive Materials - Wear resistant plates are provided as replaceable liners within the mixers used for processing abrasive materials. These liners protect the mixer internal components such as the container from wear. The liners are generally bolted on to the parent container, or may be fitted using other means. The wear rate of the liner is much lower than the parent steel material used to build the mixer. Moreover, the liners can be easily replaced after they have worn out, there ensuring the operating life of the mixer is unaffected (Additional measures need to be taken to increase the operating life of the agitator elements / mixing tool).

Wear resistant plates are made out of steel with specific additions of manganese, chromium, aluminum and micro alloying elements like vanadium and nobelium. This composition gives precipitation of alloy carbides and carbo-nitrides for imparting higher surface hardness in plates. As a result these plates are suitable to combat problem of abrasive wear faced by mining, mineral dressing and earth moving industries.

Unlike in hot strip mill where plates are rolled only along length only, wear resistant plates are rolled in both along the length and width, Due to this the mechanical properties along the rolling direction and across the rolling direction are similar.

Typical chemical composition ((ladle analysis) of a wear resistant liner plate, having a hardness of 200 BHN are as below:

• Carbon < 0.30%

• Manganese < 1.60%

• Phosphorus < 0.050%

• Sulphur < 0.050%

• Silicon – 0.50%

• Aluminum – 0.01% to 0.20%

• Chromium – 0.5% to 0.8%

• Micro-Alloying element ~ 0.15%

The processing parameters for these plates depend upon the hardness and the composition.

The jaw crusher test is used to measure the wear resistance ability of plates. If wear ratio of mild steel is taken as 1.0, the wear ratio varies in a wear resistant plate of the composition and hardness stated above shall be between 0.6 to 0.7. Lower wear ratio shows higher wear resistance.

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